• Grogu.finance Scores 100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights
      Google’s page speed result is integral their search rankings. Given proper SEO, https://grogu.finance‘s BabyYoda token site will always rank higher than similar sites. Details like this might seem boring, but add them all up and the time spent will be well worth it long term. What’s the point of writing an “unruggable”, secure, multi-sig … Read more
  • Grogu.Finance’s Secure Launch
    Grogu.Finance (ticker: BabyYoda) token is developed on the first-of-its-kind, highly secure “Token 2.0” ecosystem being developed by ADMIRE Content Coin, and detailed in their whitepaper. In this pictorial, we will view the first seven transactions of the test coin, describe how the security will work, and link to the publicly viewable transaction results. Keep in … Read more
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